"The purpose of Aikido training is not to perfect the techniques, but the development of one's personality naturally. One becomes 'resilient' and power is perceived as soft. Movements are natural and efficient, logical  and soft while the centre remains fixed, firm and stable. The progress of one's Aikido development can be seen in the natural movement of the person in relation to his environment."

Aikikai Foundation


Aikikai Aikido Amsterdam exists since 2001. We are a dojo that focuses on practicing the traditional form of Aikido as developed by the founder Morihei Ueshiba and further propagated by the Aikikai Foundation (Hombu Dojo, Tokyo). Aikikai Aikido focuses on the personal development and there are no competitions. Aikido has a spiritual dimension, but is not a religion. Everyone is welcome to train with us.



Our activities

We focus on personal development in Aikido training, we organize workshops with guest teachers, we organize joint workshops with other dojos in our organization, we hold annually kyu examinations and we participate with other dojos in central dan-exams, we visit national and international training seminars.

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