Exam requirements


What are the exam requirements?


On this page you will find the exam requirements:

  • for youth: 10th kyu to 7th kyu
  • for adults: 6th to 1st dan
  • syllabus: 6th kyu to 1st then with exam glossary
  • overview: the corresponding techniques for each attack
  • 2nd dan to 4th dan


For the meaning of the Japanese words you can take a look at the overview of commonly used terms. A number of terms are further explained here. There is also an extended glossary to use, for example, in preparation for the exam. To help you with pronunciation, we have added sound fragments: here you can also hear how a number of techniques are asked for on the exam. 

Download:  10th kyu.pdf

Download:   9th kyu.pdf

Download:   8th kyu.pdf

Download:   7th kyu.pdf

Download:   7th kyu with slip.pdf

Download:    6th kyu.pdf (EN)

Download:    5th kyu.pdf (EN)

Download:    4th kyu.pdf (EN)

Download:    3th kyu.pdf

Download:    2th kyu.pdf

Download:   1th kyu.pdf (EN)

Download:   1st dan.pdf (EN)

Download:   syllabus exam requirements.pdf

* The exam requirements have to be translated yet into English.

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