Structure of a class

What does an Aikido training look like?

Warming-up: breathing exercises (ki) and stretching

The class starts with a warm-up to prevent injuries. The warm-up consists of breathing exercises and stretching and is focused on the training that follows.

Because in Aikido no (muscle) force is used against strength, movements flow naturally and as smoothly as possible. In the execution of the techniques, it is important that the body can move smoothly (flexibility of the joints and soupleness of muscles) with an optimal use of the respiration. It involves the development of inner strength or 'ki': the association of breathing, movement and concentration.


Posture (kamai)

During the training there is much attention for proper posture (Kamai), which makes you stable and from which you can still move easily. The basic aikido posture is derived from sword fighting: like you are holding a sword.

Concepts that are relevant here: unbalancing (kuzushi), attention, alertness, flexibility.


Body movements (taisabaki’s) 

Body movements (taisabaki) are basic exercises that can be trained with and without a partner. Without a partner the taisabaki's practice is about learning to move as efficiently as possible to the rhythm of breathing. With a partner the taisabaki's are trained to move the partner while he is "out of balance".

Aikido is characterized by both entering and turning movements.

Concepts: move out of the line of attack.


Ukemi training: rolls and breakfalls

Much attention is paid to learning rolls and breakfalls. This skill is built up steadily and can be practiced at your own pace.

Training techniques: locks (katame waza) and throws (nage)

These are described in the grading syllabus: from simple to increasingly complex defense from static to more dynamic attack.

Other exercise:

  • weapontraining
  • reverse techniques 
  • multiple attaquers


Cooling down

At the end of the training, it is important to be cool down again, to breath calmly and relax your muscles . The lesson is often concluded with a short cooling down.

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