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How do you behave in the dojo?





Because performing Aikido techniques asks for physical contact with the partner, hygiene and safety play an important role. As a martial art - with the premise that you do not harm others, but also do yourself no harm - the training Aikido requires respect for each other's body andlimitations. Attention to 'health and safety' and 'respect towards each other "are leading in the behavior and manners in the dojo. Therefore there are  different rules (etiquette) in the dojo that apply to ensure that the training is going well. 


It is important that the room and the mat are clean. This is a shared responsibility. Often for a special occasion or seminar the room and the mat are cleaned in advance. Make sure you arrive early so you can help with it. The care of personal hygiene is the individual responsibility: pay attention to nails, sores, athlete's foot, etc., and take measures to prevent infecting yourself or others 


It's everyone's responsibility to be alert to unsafe situations in rolls, locks or throws. If you feel unwell, sit on the side of the mat. Only in extreme cases (eg, bleeding or fracture) should you leave the mat without greetings. Be aware of your own limitations: make your teacher aware of the complaints or problems you have. If necessary, make your complaint known to your workout partner (for example, an injury to the shoulder). in weapons training Keep the weapon next to you or leave itying at the side of the mat. Do not wear jewelry because it may cause harm to yourself and others.

It is important that there is confidence that there can be trained safely. To this contributes:

• train in a concentrated way

• talk as little as possible

• be careful with your training partner

• pay attention to what's in front of you and is going on around you




• entering the dojo

• entering and leaving the mat

• Greetings to the beginning of the lesson: "One Gai shimasu" (audio)

• Greetings to the end of the lesson: "domo arigato gozaimashita" (audio)

• Kamiza


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