Andrea Maruccia

3rd dan

"Finding and practicing your real self ..."

Andrea Maruccia started Aikido in 2004. His first contact with Aikido was with his first teacher Maitre Marcel Fisset who still continues to be a strong example for his path.

Andrea moved to Bologna where he practiced with his teacher Ubaldo Chiossi sensei for a decade. This gave Andrea a strong basis to become a shodan (1st dan). In Italy he also was inspired by teachers like Tada sensei, Fujimoto sensei, Fiordineve Cozzi sensei and Ugo Montevecchi sensei

After moving to Amsterdam Andrea started to reexamen the Aikido basics with his teachers August Dragt Sensei and Pauline Suyl Sensei. 
Here he got his nidan (2nd dan) and sandan (3rd dan), followed an Aikido teachers course and started his teaching path.

In daily life Andrea is a computer science specialist and in his free time he likes to play computer games, meditate, watch TV series and of course do Aikido.

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