What grades can you reach?


Graduation requirements

Aikido has no competitions, but focuses on the personal development. The progress of this development is supported by an examination in which is shown to what degree the techniques are mastered.

When you start you have no degree yet in Aikido: you are a mukyu. There are six kyugrades, the sixth kyu is the first grade and the first kyu is the final exam before the black belt exam. Then there is the black belt exam (shodan), rising to Nidan, Sandan and Yondan. From the 5th dan the degrees of merit are awarded by the Doshu. During Kakami Baraki ceremony at the start of the new year these degrees will be announced.

For the youth there is an examination programme of 10th kyu to 7th kyu.

The kyugraden be taken in the dojo, the black belts at the summer school of Yuwakai.

Exam training

Every year from January until July you can enjoy a special exam training at Aikikai Aikido Amsterdam on the first Saturday. The times are from 10:30 until 13:30.

We start the first hour with a lesson from a teacher who is invited specially for this purpose.

Then we split the group so that everyone can train at their own level.


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