Pauline Suyl

6th dan


"Maintaining balance" 

Pauline Suyl has been training aikido since 1988. She started with Peter Bacas in Amsterdam. She regularly visited the stages of the teachers invited by the Dutch Cultural Aikido Federation (NCAF), such as Fujita Sensei and Kanetsuka Sensei, among several other highly graduated teachers (Okamura Sensei, Yokota Sensei, Kobayashi Sensei, Yasuno Sensei, Endo Sensei, Yamada Sensei, Tissier Sensei). Later she trained regularly with Ikeda Sensei in Switzerland. Pauline Suyl still attends many national and international trainings with very diverse teachers. With all these influences she remains fascinated by the principles that are important in the movement of the body in relation to the partner and the imbalance.

She also trained T'ai Chi and Chi Kung with her teachers Dr. Shen Hongxun and Phoa Yan Thiang for several years. She also followed stages with Benjamin Loo, William Chen and Lenzy Williams, well-known teachers in the Jang style of T'ai Chi. From T'ai Chi she mainly learned the precision of movements and the emphasis on balance - of hard and soft aspects - on all sorts of levels.

She attaches importance to the organization of aikido. For years she was involved in the organisation of Yuwakai in various board positions. Together with August Dragt (6th dan) she started a dojo in Soest (Aikido association Soest, 1995), which is currently led by Ron Roeten (4th dan). The dojo in Amsterdam was founded in 2001 to have a place where several teachers can teach together. She is also involved in the teacher training of Yuwakai and has (co)trained several teachers as (assistant) teachers. She has been a member of the examination committee of Yuwakai for many years.

Since 2013 Pauline Suyl is training Iaido Mugai Ryu (shodan 2016) at Kochokai   .

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