Seminar with Donovan Waite 6-8 september 2019


We had a very pleasant and inspiring seminar with Donovan Waite, who paid a lot of attention to the basic principles of Aikido and gave tireless instructions on how to train it. The lessons were very pleasent with a clear structure and a lot of time to try everything out. The atmosphere was very good and the training was intensive and concentrated. The seminar was visited by many Aikidoka's not only from our dojo and from Aikido Almere, but from various other dojo's. It was very nice to see everyone and train together.

Class of Donovan Waite (7th dan) 6 September 2019

At lunchtime we had lunch with delicious soup from Romeo! 

Here is an impression of the seminar (with special thanks for the many beautiful photo's to Dennis Valk):


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