Donovan Waite Shihan (7th dan) seminar 6 t/m 8 September 2019


From 6-8 September 2019 there is a seminar with Donovan Waite (7th dan). This special occasion is organized by Aikido Almere and we are very happy that we can offer hospitality for the training as a host dojo. We invite everyone, next to the training, for a joint lunch on Saturday afternoon.

Donovan Waite

Donovan Waite started Aikido in 1969 at a young age, first in the United Kingdom and later he trained with Yamada Yoshimitsu (8th dan) in the USA. He has not only gained a lot of experience by training Aikido intensively, but also by teaching extensively both in the USA as internationally. He still is teaching at the New York Aikikai, the dojo of Yoshimitsu Yamada, and is the chief instructor of Aikido of Center City in Philadelphia.

He is known for his supple and relatively relaxed Aikido with beautiful big and round movements. He emphasizes that for a good Aikido training a good ukemi is important with attention for the continuous movement from falling to standing up. He made several instructional films in which he explains step by step what you can pay attention to when learning ukemi. There are a lot of Aikidoka's who have mastered this unique 'Donovan Waite style-ukemi'. 

Here is such an instruction video: Aikido Ukemi: Meeting the Mat


N.B. The location for this stage has changed! Previous announcements indicate Sporthallen Zuid, but the location has changed to Aikikai Aikido Amsterdam-dojo, Heinzestraat 9 in Amsterdam.

Here you can find the location in google maps: Aikikai Aikido Amsterdam

You can park cheaply on Saturday according to the P + R scheme. The nearest P + R locations are those of the VU MC and the Olympic Stadium. You must have travelled to the Centre by publich transport and provide a public transport ticket as proof. The 'Roelof Hartplein' is a stop in the Centre and from there it is just a few minutes to the Heinzestraat: P + R locations. On Sunday parking is free.

You can also park at the Hilton Hotel on the Apollolaan, it's cheaper and you can make a reservation for the parkingplace. From there it's a 6 minutes walk: Hilton parking.

Info about public transportation and timetables you can find at the bottom of our contact page.


  • Friday evening 6 September from 20:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday 7 September from 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00
  • Sunday 8 September from 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00


We invite everyone who comes to train for a (free) lunch on Saturday afternoon. We will provide coffee, tea, soup and sandwiches. If you only train in the morning or afternoon, you are also welcome to join us for lunch. We appreciate it if you let us know if you will have lunch with us, because then we know how much to prepare. We also appreciate it if you bring something small for lunch as a carton of juice or something to eat, but you don't have to.

If you want to join us for lunch, mail us your name and the number of persons:


1 Half-day 25 Youth (<16 years) 20
2 Half-days 40 Youth (<16 years) 30
3 Half-days 55 Youth (<16 years) 40
Weekend (Sa and So) 70 Youth (<16 years) 50
Passepartout 80 Youth (<16 years) 60


For more info or questions: 06-10884426.


You can also subscribe in advance, send an email with the times and your name to:

Aikido Almere dojo


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